christopher said...

Hey Grant, great drawings!

I thought I would let you know I recently started a tumblr for Bill Sanchez to post stuff from his Ipad. So far I've been posting a bunch of photos and scans of stuff for him but hopefully he will start posting his own stuff soon.

An illustration history blog, Today's Inspiration, also wants to feature Bill's work and do an interview and have some recollections of him and stuff if you might want to contribute. I thought it might also be a good chance to let people know about your book! If you want you can e-mail me at chris_lutes@hotmail.com

Anyways your drawings are always an inspiration! Glad to see you posting regularly again!

Grant said...

That is great! Glad someone is doing it. I sent you an email.

Yes, we need to kick the book into high gear.

Thanks Chris!

Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

Diggin it.

Grant said...

Octavio - Thanks brudda!