Project Ideas

I stop and start things all the time. Flashes of ideas pop in and then life quickly pulls them away from me. Haha.

What if early settlers/pilgrims never made it to their destination but instead landed on a mysterious island??  This is Poppa, fast asleep under a tree.


Gesture Drawing at Pixar

Hoping to post more sketches from the Gesture sessions at lunch. If you've never tried it, take a dull/blunt prismacolor pencil and some color laser paper to your next drawing jam. Soft pressure, don't fight the paper, smooth gliding strokes.

As I'm drawing, sometimes a character jumps out at me. This guy must have been a rowdy, gator wrastlin', tree trunk of a man from a swampland deep in the south. Watch out little frog, hes' hungry!



More Bus Sketches

Ladies on the Bus

Just a collection of some of the varied wonderful faces I see on my commute.

Dear ol' Dad

Here is a small painting of my dad watching the tube one night. (6x8 acrylic on a strathmore sketchbook.)

I love painting dramatic lighting. It's probably one of the most interesting compositional devices.

3 Names

Old Jewish Saying....

We all have 3 names...

The one we are born with
The one we are called by others
The one we call ourselves



Another sketch from my commute to work everyday. Loved this guys posture as he dozed off. I don't know about you guys, but I like creating my own sketchbooks. This sketch is from a book I made from newsprint sketchpad paper with some cardboard covers and then spiral bound at staples. Even though it's not archival,  I love the feel of Prisma on smooth newsprint.